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2019 Study Abroad Vlog Contest

Study Abroad Vlog Contest



You may share anything from the country you are currently staying in: culture, food, sports, people… etc. The title should be “Study Abroad Vlog” with a self-created secondary title e.g. Study Abroad Vlog: My time in an Ethiopian village



  1. Must be a student in Providence University (includes graduate, international, and exchange students)
  2. There is no limit to the number of people in a group.
  3. Confirm all your group members before the deadline of registration.
  4. Every group will get a special gift after the registration is completed.



  1. Submission deadline: November 11, 2019 (Monday)
  2. Date of Prize announcement: November 26, 2019


To Submit Your Vlog

About Registration

Please register online and download the “Registration Form” from the attachment and submit it in ONE PDF file to mialiu@pu.edu.tw by November 11, 2019. Please name the file with “Study Abroad Vlog Contest-your name/group name-registration” (if the document needs your signature, please provide a scanned file)

Registration website: http://activity.pu.edu.tw/app/events_management.php?Sn=11198


Please follow the instructions listed below to complete and submit your entries:

About Vlog

  1. Please name your file as “Study Abroad Vlog-subtitle”
  2. Upload your video to YouTube and make sure the video is set to either public or unlisted.
  3. Please also upload your original video file to Google Drive and provide the link to us.
  • Video duration: under 3 minutes
  • Language: English with English subtitles
  • Video ratio: 16:9
  • Video format: MPEG4MOVAVIWMV
  • Video resolution1920X1080 pixels
  • The video should be original.




1st Prize: 4000 NT

2nd Prize: 3000 NT

3rd Prize: 2000 NT

Honorable Mention: 1000 NT


Assessment Criteria

  1. Subject compliance (40%)
  2. Video practicality (30%)
  3. Visual design (30%)



All participants, including producers, actors, musicians, and anyone else whose image or sound is in your submission, must turn in a signed release form along with the video.

Please have everyone who appears on screen to fill out the appropriate form. These forms must be completed for you to receive your prize money should you be one of our contest winners.



All footage, including music, must be originally created material or you must obtain proper legal permission to use someone else’s copyrighted material.

Entries will be void if they are: incomplete, late, lost, damaged, or are not able to be viewed due to technical error. No entries will be returned.

All entrants give the Global MBA program permission to use their videos, including the right to use their names, photographs, and video submissions for advertising, publicity and promotional purposes,

and to edit or make changes to any spoken commentary. By entering this contest, entrants agree to abide by these contest rules and regulations.









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